Thermenwelt Erding

The largest thermal spa in Europe, opened as the first South Sea thermal spa. State-approved healing spring (fluoride-containing sulphur thermal baths). Thermal Paradise open daily for children. Largest Sauna Paradise in the world with more than 25 lovingly themed saunas, every 1st Sat / Month midnight sauna until 1 am! ROYAL DAY SPA for wellness at the highest level: luxury in perfection.

Slide paradise GALAXY ERDING open daily with 15 indoor high-tech slides, 12 more courageous in the "Action- or X-Tremelevel", every 1st Sat / month until 1 o'clock at night!

Therme Bad Wörishofen

State-approved healing spring, large thermal outdoor pool with lazy river. Beautiful large Spa Jewel, Sauna Paradise with more than 15 sauna and wellness offers, thermal pools inside and outside. Family Saturday (9am - 6pm), children also enjoy the thermal spa and saunas! On SaunaSaturdays (19 - 24 hours) the entire spa and saunas are open at a special tariff. Every second Saturday of the month even more program in the Sauna Paradise. Caravans welcome: 25 generous spaces (chargeable) with free power connection at the idyllic, tree-lined creek.

Badeparadies Schwarzwald

"South Sea in the Black Forest" in the palm grove (16 years and over) "Small but fine" wellness oasis (access from 16 years) with 4 themed large saunas and sauna garden with fresh black forest air

GALAXY SCHWARZWALD with 16 slides (including 12 slides for children under 12) and a total of more than 20 attractions World's largest stainless steel half-pipe slide Spectacular wave pool among palm trees

Badewelt Sinsheim

Wellness and sauna pleasure awaits you in the Vitaltherme & Sauna and in the Palm Paradise of the THERMEN & BADWELT SINSHEIM (16 years and over). Enjoy a short vacation in paradise. The holiday destination between Heilbronn and Heidelberg awaits you with over 400 live palm trees and tropical vegetation, turquoise blue lagoons with poolbars, unique sauna attractions such as the largest sauna in the world and soothing mineral water. Families with children visit the Palm Paradise always on Saturdays (no age restriction, family tariff).


Under the motto “My holiday paradise under palm trees” a vacation world in the absolute premium segment awaits the visitor, embedded in the beautiful scenery of a picturesque meadow landscape, not far from attractive cities of Cologne, Dusseldorf or Bonn. The wide range of offers around the themes of water, relaxation and holiday pleasure provides a personal paradise for everybody, regardless of the weather, 365 days a year. Heavenly oases flooded with light under more than 500 real South Sea palm trees and tropical temperatures guarantee pure vacation feeling in the Palm Paradise. Enjoyment is guaranteed in the Vital Spa & Sauna with many unique, innovative and themed sauna-highlights providing relaxation and pleasant moments - for body, mind and soul.

German Pavilion EXPO 2000

The German Pavilion, the heart of the WORLD EXPO 2000, with its 14,000 sqm of usable space and spectacular architecture, is rightly described as one of the most extraordinary special event locations in Europe. Events with up to 6500 participants can be realized here.
The ownership of the building was transferred to the City of Hanover in 2016.



The WUND Group is Germany's leading developer and operator of thermal spas and baths. The company looks back to a history of more than half a century and counts on an invaluable treasure of experience in the development of large-volume construction projects. At the age of 27, Josef Wund won the most important architectural competition in the region and received the major contract for the design and construction of the new fairground in Friedrichshafen.


News 1: Badewelt Sinsheim will grow

The Badewelt Sinsheim will grow to four times of its current size within the next four to five years. A gigantic GALAXY slide world with 38 mega-slides and a large wave pool will be the first of several extensions, later the entire spa and sauna world will grow in size massively, offering numerous new attractions. Medical and beauty programs as well as two new hotels will accomplish the year-round summer holiday program. Half a billion Euros in investment will raise the Badewelt Sinsheim to number one in the world.

News 2: The next project is located in Frankfurt - Bad Vilbel

A new tropical paradise with sauna world and GALAXY slide paradise is scheduled for Bad Vilbel, immediately adjacent to the City of Frankfurt. Located right on the four-lane highway B3 it will serve the major conglomeration of Frankfurt as well as guests traveling larger distances. The investment is allocated over 200 million Euros, construction will commence shortly.


More than 20 years ago, a small team of highly qualified architects and engineers began venturing into a new field of business: Thermal spas. A generally unprofitable market was revolutionized by the WUND Group of Cmpanies. in 1999, the first Thermal Spa was opened in Munich-Erding. In 2003 Bad Wörishofen followed suit, 2005 the first extension in Erding, 2010 in the Black Forest and 2013 in Sinsheim, simultaneous with the second large extension in Erding. The newest project was opened in 2015 - the Spa World in Cologne-Euskirchen.
All these ventures frequently keep setting new records in attendance and profitability. The facility in Munich-Erding now is the largest indoor thermal spa worldwide. The most important factor of success lies in the gigantic retractable glass roofs, which open in just minutes at the touch of a small switch. All attractions can be enjoyed open-air in nice weather. Thus the facilities of the WUND Group achieve their highest attendance in summer and on warm days - higher even than during the market-typical peak periods

aound Christmas. A further benefit is a drastic reduction of energy consumption.
The success of our product is founded on serving the different target groups perfectly. In family leisure there is a strong desire for shared experiences. Nevertheless, the individual desires are quite different among the family members according to age and gender. Where adults relax and feel well, children and adolescents feel bored. Where the latter find action, excitement and adventure in noisier environs, their parents feel discomforted. Nearly all existing facilities of other operators ignore this fundamental conflict and try to serve entire families in just one venue or even in one single room. Economic failure is a necessary consequence because half of their guests always feel uncomfortable.
The design concept of our facilities has therefore always and consistently been target group specific and additive.

open position


  • Aufsichtsdienst im Palmenparadies und der Vitaltherme & Sauna
  • Reinigungs- und Desinfektionsarbeiten
  • Pflege und Wartung technischer Anlagen sowie Messung der Wasserqualität
  • Bäderverwaltung
  • Praktische Ausbildung in Schwimmen und Wasserrettung, sowie Tauchen und Turmspringen
  • Durchführung von Kursen (z. B. Wassergymnastik, Aquafloating)
  • Durchführung von Saunaaufgüssen und Dampfbadanwendungen
  • Mitwirken bei Events (z. B. textilfreies Erlebnis-Event, Kinderanimationstage)
  • Ein- und Auswinterung sowie Saisonaufsicht im Freibad Sinsheim
  • Hospitation in den verschiedenen Abteilungen (Marketing, Buchhaltung, Empfang und Technik)

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  • Information und Beratung der Gäste
  • Check In & Check Out der Gäste
  • Verkauf von Gutscheinen und ThermenCards
  • Abwicklung der einzelnen Kassiervorgänge sowie die tägliche Kassenabrechnung
  • Ausgabe von Leihwäsche
  • Verbuchung von Vouchern der Kooperationspartner

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  • Freundliche Begrüßung und umsichtige Betreuung und Information der Gäste
  • Check In von Gruppen- und Hotelgästen, VIP-Gästen, Stammgästen und Künstlern (Events)
  • Check-In, Terminierung und Überprüfung der Reservierungen von Sky Lounge EXKLUSIV
  • Verkauf von Gutscheinen und ThermenCards
  • Freundliche und kompetente Gästekorrespondenz sowohl per E-Mail als auch per Telefon
  • Höflich Annahme aller eventuellen Reklamationen und Weiterleitung an die jeweiligen Ansprechpartner
  • Versand von Informationsmaterial

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  • Der direkte Kontakt mit unseren Gästen macht Ihnen Freude, Sie beraten gerne, sind hilfsbereit und haben immer ein offenes Ohr - kurz gesagt: Sie leben Gastfreundschaft
  • Sie sind maßgeblich für das Wohlbefinden unserer Gäste verantwortlich
  • Die Pflege und Reinigung der Wasserattraktionen fallen in Ihren Tätigkeitsbereich
  • Sie stellen die Gewährleistung der Beckenaufsicht und der Sicherheit im Badebereich
  • Sie sind zuständig für die Durchführung der vielfältigen Aufgusszeremonien
  • Das Anleiten unserer vielseitigen Auqakurse führen Sie mit Freude durch
  • Sie unterstützen unser Team auf der Sky Lounge EXKLUSIV (Liegenreservierung) und sind zuständig für den Service

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  • Unterstützung bei der Konzeption, Planung und Durchführung von Marketingaktivitäten, insbesondere im Online Bereich
  • Recherchieren und erstellen von Bild- und Videomaterial für die Social Media Portale
  • Sie arbeiten an der Erstellung von (Online) Marketing Kampagnen mit
  • Unterstützung bei der Administration der Webpräsenz
  • Unterstützung des Beschwerde-Managements
  • Sie helfen bei der inhaltlichen Gestaltung des monatlichen Newsletters
  • Sie arbeiten mit internen Abteilungen sowie externen Dienstleistern und Agenturen zusammen
  • Sie packen mit an und unterstützen unser Team beim alltäglichen Geschäft (Telefondienst, administrative Bürotätigkeiten, etc.)

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  • Freundliche Begrüßung, umsichtige Betreuung und Information der Gäste
  • Check In der Gäste in unsere Sky Lounge Exklusiv
  • Organisation und Service
  • Sicherung eines reibungslosen Serviceablaufs
  • Höflich Annahme aller eventuellen Reklamationen und Weiterleitung an die jeweiligen Ansprechpartner

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